I cannot decide with whom I am angrier: Professor Stokes or Nicholas Blair.  I have no doubt that Blair’s hand is in this entire matter of providing Adam with, allegedly, the most evil woman (who is not named Angelique) who ever lived to provide the spark to create Eve.  Perhaps all would have been well had I lived in blissful ignorance, but Professor Stokes had to ruin that by not just raining on the parade with the aforementioned tid-bit, but Biblically flooding us with it.

Still she is alive, articulate, active, and has yet to asked how she came to life completely dressed, down to the stockings and garters.  That would have required a bit of explaining.  To describe one of the lonelier nights of Young Loomis?  There is pleasant word-picture to improve any of that.

But she has not asked.  More importantly, Adam has not asked, either.



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