Accompanying Adam was an extremely arch and peculiar woman named Leona Eldrich who actually wants to supply the life force for “Eve.”  In the name of Socrates, why?  But should I ask, there would be yet another delay, and Adam might very well grind Collins Hall into powder.  (And I will admit to feeling a bit like the construction foreman who begins — but never quite finishes — the project so in other words, all construction foremen.)

According to my sources, mainly the socially intrepid Professor Stokes, the woman in question was Doctor Lang’s paramour, and she feels obligated to see the project through.  Doctor Lang never struck me as the kind of man who possessed the time and savoir faire to romance such a comely and driven young woman.  I doff my cap to the late and mad genius.

Before she straps herself to the table and has the mind and soul wrenched from her body in a manner most agonizing, perhaps I should obtain the contact information for her parents in case she should survive, and I might have the fortune to call on her one lazy summer evening.



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