Bringing me to the edge of disaster, Young Loomis reports that Miss Evans now remembers her sojourn here, back when I attempted to fuse her with the spirit of Josette.  Do I fear this?  Yes.  Do I also temper it with reason?  Yes.  Julia must stop her.  Furthermore, how could this be proved to the police?  She realized this in a crypt while being forcibly detained by a man who was shot while trying to break into her bedroom.  When they come to prove this, what will happen as I chat with them in the light of the sun, clutching a crucifix and admiring myself in a mirror?

Still, even given her history of mental illness, I should send Doctor Hoffman to minister to her again.  Meanwhile, Carolyn is eagerly volunteering to be the life force.  I am deeply fond of family loyalty, but this is beyond the pale.


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