Willie is fast becoming the rather inconvenient voice of morality, and on a grand level, I cannot blame him.  We’ve found a body, yes, but what of the life-force?  Willie made an excellent point.

Tom Jennings, however, has turned completely.  The time for a cure seems to have eluded us.  The only cure for Collinsport is his eradication before he can do significant damage.  By thunder, did they once speak of me with such indifferent and violent intent?  The hunter becoming the hunted is one matter.  It is a cruel hypocrisy of nature for it to be the opposite.  His grave is empty, and now he is free.

Night has a special meaning to me.  The urge to seek and attack.  I know exactly what kind of a threat he poses.  And I know the agony he feels between trying to feed the beast and trying to restrain it.




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