Personal Report: Supplemental

Tragic to say it, but I’ll hate to go back.  How ironic that I’d find myself in the role of being the moralist, but Angelique is getting what she deserves, and I’m having the time of my life delivering it.  She’s so arrogant and so entitled that the chance to pop that balloon is Cosmic Justice.  Even in life, she was no Maggie Evans.  And hooray for yours truly for ruining Joe Haskell’s evening!  A masterpiece of passive aggression, but Maggie’s too sweet to notice.  I don’t say too dimwitted, though.  She’s just plain pleasant.

So many humans are hypocrites, harboring dirty little secrets while acting like saints.  Give me a human who knows he’s a sinner and brags or knows he’s a saint and gets on with life.  They don’t interfere with others.  They just… are.  They’re no fun to corrupt.  Corruption is when you simply reveal to someone what was always there inside them.  Ruining a girl like Maggie would be like letting Jackson Pollack have a crack at Michelangelo’s David.  No, no, no.  Set him loose on a Macy’s parade blimp or something.  Leave David alone!

The new plan suggested by the Master clears everything up.  Master race, here we come!



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