It seems that my fine young man has grown up.  He has seized Victoria Winters and is holding her hostage.  Barnabas Collins has come to me and we now seem to be working as allies.  At last!

Adam has become terrifyingly Nietzschean,  seeing himself as someone who deserves things because he can induce force.  He is impervious to reason, and tries to blame me for his condition!  Madness.  He lies and schemes with cynicism, and this is learned behavior.  Who taught him to use the innocent as pawns?

He sees his existence as nothing, and that love alone will give it meaning.  Balderdash, gentlemen.  And we know it.  If any of you rum-pots have a concept on how to educate this glandular nightmare, I’d be most appreciative.


Eliot in Helliot


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