I owe my life to a man I vowed to kill.  Making amends and, perhaps, an alliance is now essential.  Adam’s resilience imbued me with the strength to endure my entombment.  Julia has been dispatched, and I trust her to forge the treaty.

Surprising Angelique with my survival was a pleasure unrivaled.  It is so rare to see her in terror, and the source of it was a single and delicious truth: she no longer has any power over me.  All of her Curses come to dust, and humanity triumphs.

Few have known fears such as mine.  Having lived in fear for so long, I am now drunken with autonomy.  We are often encouraged to “live without fear.”  This is inevitably spoken by fools, the lucky, or the insane.  For the rest of us, we live with fear because it is a very real factor in our lives.

I am neither a fool nor insane, but today, I am very, very lucky.


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