When I came to from my entombment, I once again was greeted by Young Loomis.  So much the same, and yet so different.

What did I do, as a monster, to so endear my youthful squire to me when I reverted to being merely a man?  And Doctor Hoffman was steadfastly at both our sides.  In my time, Collins Hall was beset by porcelain smiles (save father and Abigail), all worn as masks of jollity to hide petty and angry differences and ill-will.  Now, this house has only a small family, but there is, I have found, more loyalty within it than I’ve ever known.  Do we squabble and snarl?  Yes, externally.  Beneath that, is there an emerging and mutual fealty?  I am honored to say yes to that, as well.

Josette, should you return, please know that this house is fast becoming a home.


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