Adam Lang: Through the Door and Back Again

My first true, friend, Sam reached out to me with a giant’s love. This was not because he was blind.  He knew of my differences.  Sam simply had a magnificence of heart that had room even for me.  That he should have put his own life into danger so bravely, acting only when he thought Maggie’s life was in danger, is an act of humbling courage and love.  To have been the catalyst for that, though, shames me deeply.

Of course, I wish none of it had happened.  And yet….

To paraphrase Clarence Darrow, I’ve never wanted to see a man killed, but I’ve read many obituaries no regrets.  I loathe that my fear and power and ignorance could have caused such damage.  When I ponder the other threats in and around Collinsport at that time, I only wish certain other parties had been in Sam’s place.  How many lives would have been spared?


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