Collinsport is relentless!  A hideously-scarred man with a blind painter and a hexed attorney rather poorly performing a hectored husband.

If my surveys and measurements are accurate, then the level of parametric activity is at its highest since the Paul Stoddard Incident.  Why the spike in occult matters?  The focal point seems to be proximate.  I have noted at least two changes in the timeline thus far when in the protection of the trapezoid.  1.  Daniel Collins was not murdered in 1796 but lived on to sire this particular branch of the Collins family.  2. Phyllis Wick is no longer the subject of the Witch Trial of 1796.  The name of the defendant, now under lock and key, has become Victoria Winters, the same name as the current governess… who claims to have visited that era.  Only Miss Winters seems aware of this.  All others humor her.

More anon.




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