Adam Lang: Through the Door and Back Again

The second day, in my memory, did not go well in the root cellar.  At that point, Carolyn had no way of knowing, and I had no way of telling her, that I only wanted to provide two things: safety and happiness.  Those were the two things I could never express.  When my hands should have been nimble, they were nearly numb, with nerve connections still sewing themselves together.  When I thought I was whispering, I made the cries of a wounded animal.  What’s worse?  The fact that I knew what I wanted and was nowhere near it.  Did I mean to knock her unconscious?  A little.  Well, it was that or let her face even more danger outside.  So, after making sure that she was only unconscious, I went shopping.  Men are nervous, cooking on a first date.  Just imagine how I felt.


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