Cosmic justice shall be dealt!  Young Loomis, the pitiful prole, can get nothing done while both cowering from The Lad and fearing the “dream curse.”  Such lapses in character originate, I am certain, from the rather low station of his birth and parentage, neither of which I can resolve.  If he cannot sidestep the curse, then he cannot tend to The Lad, and if he cannot tend to The Lad, then I must, and I am readying my lesson plan for his more advanced stages and not able to brook distraction.  Thus, I must slice off the serpent of the problem at its head — Angelique!  Knowing all too well the strange relationship between portraits and near-immortals (my own seems to be an outstanding conduit for communication), I have obtained the services of Mr. Samuel Evans to age said portrait.  Within hours, Angelique will look her full age.  If only she had magic to reverse that.

Ironic.  Were I still a vampire, I could “cure” her condition in a manner most fitting.  Pity that such a circularity of justice is not possible.

Tonight, age will most certainly go before beauty.



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