My heart surges with bold curiosity (and urgency) as I contemplate the adventure ahead.  This alleged “dream curse” was haunting Julia to a point where no procedure could take place.  At that very moment, Mrs. Johnson appeared as if summoned and heard it told.  I respect the powers of the witch, but my priorities are thus:

a) Have my essence transferred into this rotting hulk before it dies completely.

b) Thwart Angelique.

They simply cannot happen in the reverse order.  Wise to follow my advise, Julia was doubly blessed after telling the dream because she felt completely relieved and ready to complete Doctor Lang’s work.

In the midst, Miss Winters visited me, and I assured her that Adam Collins would find her just as appealing as I.  It was genuinely stirring when she fretted over her role in casting me “back to England.”  Warmth, conscience, and especially apologies are in too short supply in this age of emotional semaphore.  It is easy to see why I thought Josette’s soul resided within her eyes.

Behold, Adam Collins!  Our time is upon us.


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