Doctor Lang’s greatest error was when he gave me one last chance to stand as a Collins.  

Each man in his time hears one, final call to heroism… the opportunity to be more than he believes he is… the chance to define himself not by the misdeeds that sustain his life, but by the one necessary and heroic feat that will almost assuredly end it.  To die in the pursuit of such a supreme ideal is the opportunity to embrace infinity defined by the best within us, rather than the worst.

Clark was before me in the lab, strapped to a table, dazed, ready for the procedure that forever brand my soul into his body and erase his essence forever.  How would I feel with an angelic face that would inevitably give way to the dull eyes of the monster within?  Every mirror would mock me with the image of the greatest crime of all.

Miss Winters visited and was sent away by Doctor Lang, but not before I could overhear the love in her voice.  A kind of love that I have only heard in two other voices in my life.  It is a love for Clark, yes, but a love nevertheless.  I have felt that love.  I have had that love ripped from me.  Does Clark deserve what befell Josette?  No one does.  Does Miss Winters deserve a destiny of bitter solitude such as mine?

No thank you!  And again, I thank you!

Clark shall go free, and I shall confront Doctor Lang, and I shall ensure that Miss Winters is rewarded by the love she desires and deserves.

For Victoria and for Josette and for Jeremiah and for Sarah and for the man I was and even for the miserable likes of Clark, I will change.  I will say enough.  I will defy evil.  This is the last opportunity I have to to stand on the side of all that is best within each of us, and I shall not die in the name of anything else.

I remember who I am; I am the man Josette Dupres loved.

I am the son of Joshua and Naomi.

I am the brother of Sarah Collins, and I shall defend all that she held inviolate until my last breath.

My name is Barnabas Collins.


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