I awoke knowing exactly how I have been tormenting others; I also know that Cassandra is, without a doubt, Angelique.

She is the author of yet another curse, visiting me within a nightmare.  Does she have no end of them?  In this, if my dream is to be believed, I shall be attacked in a dream, itself.  It will begin as a nightmare for one, and then expand to others upon hearing it recounted.  Each time, it will lead the dreamer through the fears of those who have previously suffered its intricacies.  I am to be the last recipient, and by then, the dream is to be so intense that it shall kill me.

Is such a thing possible?  While it sounds fanciful, the state in which I rose from the nightmare left me doubting nothing.  It was a fear beyond the rational.  It was a fear beyond anything the beast could inflict.

The question remains:

Has she returned because the curse has been lifted, or is this the coup de grâce of this long series of calamities that began with Young Loomis releasing me.  Perhaps before.

The enormity of the threat eclipses all.  If Doctor Hoffman is to be seen a worthy ally, this is the crucible.



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