Two geniuses in one day, and both are quite mad.  Eliot Stokes has proved to share the same sense of honor as his ancestor, Good Mr. Ben Stokes.  Witty, erudite, and firm of purpose.  If only I could take him into my complete confidence, but the risk is too, too vast.

Doctor Lang, however, is in mutual confidence whether I like it or not.  His plan seems to be quite simple: to take my own life force, such as I’ve often sensed in others, and transfer it into a new body.

I’d be the first to cry madness!  Given what I’ve seen and what I am, I have no choice but to reserve judgment.  No one will fault Doctor Lang as lacking in passion and theatrics.  After five minutes with him, I feel as if I’ve just seen the entire Marlovian canon performed at a blazing gallop by a chimp besotted with coca extract and Oriental coffees.

I firmly believe that he is an able scholar, however.



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