The past, once a mere trickle, has become the mightiest of rivers, and I may be drowned.

I now face the imminent haunting of Angelique and the return of Good Ben Stokes as well, or at least his descendant.  His name is Eliot Stokes, a specialist in history, specifically with a bent toward all matters occult.  Were he not named Stokes, I would fear him.  However, the bloodlines of Collinsport run deep, I have learned, and I may need to call upon his aid.  Or destroy him.  Only time, circumstance, and his choices may tell.

Roger Collins seems smitten with the portrait of Angelique.  I cannot tolerate this.

Miss Winters is too much of a threat if she knows what Angelique is… because that means she might, one day, know what I am.  I have had little success completely erasing her memory, but I can keep her in my influence by means of the bonding of blood, and a sweet nectar it is.

She is slowly coming to my side, and we shall soon escape this place.  Granted, I desired her to come to me of her own free will, but Angelique has forced my hand.  What I do, I do to save us both.


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