It is, at once, my greatest peril and my most catalytic call to adventure!  First, the peril.  I have never been in more jeopardy, but I know not the reason nor the extent nor the nature.  However, I finally understand why I recognized Miss Winters from our first meeting, but was unsure as to how.

At the séance, Miss Winters vanished, was replaced by a Miss Phyllis Wick (the governess from my own time, lost in a carriage accident), and then, quick as boiled asparagus, reappeared in the comely-if-filthy rainments of my own time with rope burns upon her neck.

At once, my mind was split asunder!  I suddenly recalled two sets of memories, running parallel to one another.  It was akin to the sensation of waking from a vivid dream, being aware of the waking world, and still not knowing which perception holds the greater truth.  I recalled Miss Wick, but I also recalled a world in which Miss Winters was the governess, accused of witchcraft.  I do not recall if she knew my secret, but she did suffer mightily for the crimes of Angelique.  If that is the case, somehow, Miss Winters was thrust back in time and then rebounded to our own.

The more I write of it, the more clearly I recall it all, and the more that the memory of Miss Wick seems like a fanciful daydream.

What does she know?  And does this mean that a return to my own time is possible?  Can I venture back and repair the damage done by Angelique?  I must discover all I can.



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