It was a technique learned with Jeremiah in Barbados.  I thought him mad for visiting the shaman, but he knew better.  After his mumbo-jumbo, mad raving, and whispering of secret numbers, he successfully transferred his body into the form of a long-dead tribal prince.  We witnessed him hector the current chieftain into tears before returning to his cave.

The secret was passed on to Jeremiah and myself, and I’d long forgotten it until tonight, when it seemed the appropriate way to punish Doctor Hoffman.  Do I want to see her dead?  Yes.  But she does not want to see me dead.  She wants me to suffer, which a greater cruelty.  Thus, I shall return like with like.

Dearest Carolyn seems all too eager to lord my power over others.  Perhaps that is because she does not know the awful responsibility of having the full extent of it.

And she is lucky.



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