For the first time since my release, I feel a sense of confidence and peace.  With the aid of the bright and capable Miss Carolyn Stoddard, I fear neither the common and rural idiocy of Young Loomis nor the shrewish and backstabbing malpractices of Doctor Hoffman.

Ultimately, a problem faced by a Collins requires a Collins to supply the solution, and Carolyn shall be my new, right arm.  David is being dealt with in short order, and then Carolyn will use her close friendship with Miss Winters to quietly and persistently plead my case from within.

At last, I have an ally! At last, Josette will be in my grasp!

And should Carolyn earn enough power, she might very well be the single force necessary to thwart any return of Angelique.

Power is not making others bend to your will.  Power is inspiring others to do that for you.

At last, I feel true power.


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