Miss Winters and her longing for David is a twin to my own kinship for Sarah.  While lending my strong shoulder for her comfort, the beast began to emerge, however Mr. Haskell and Miss Stoddard interrupted it.  I stand relieved.

An eventful evening.  The search for David invariably led to my doorstep; I live in the eternal shadow of having hired Young Loomis.  Constable Patterson lumbered about the house for no little time.  I cannot account for all of his actions except to say that Countess Natalie’s prized wicker chair is a thing, quite truly, of the past at this point.

Young Loomis and I found ourselves in a heated row over whether or not Patterson and his retinue would find their way into the basement, and before I had the satisfaction of seeing him proved wrong, they were pulled away.

However, it seems that Sarah has been seen by more and more people.  Young Loomis has been dispatched to bring the rapscallion to me, and I anticipate our encounter with considerable interest.


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