Sarah.  Who stayed with me and loved me even when others did not… why do you torment me now?  Now, in subtle, tortuous ways?  The Sarah I knew would have embraced me with her love, not hectored me with fear and ambiguity.  It seems evident that this is not Sarah, or that she has been turned against me.  It is unthinkable to count Sarah as an enemy, but I must countenance that reality.

My ploy to use Miss Winters as a tool against Devlin has worked, partially.  Although they’ve reconciled (for now), the split has been established and will only grow.  His attack on me has ceased for the present.  But how long will that last?

Miss Winters becomes increasingly absorbed by family history, and so it has been incumbent on me to learn all that I can.  Yes, I knew of the earliest days of Issac Collins, but now I must memorize names such as Edward, Gabriel, and Judith.  So much to recall.  But I shall master it, yet.

Sarah.  How shall I confront you when our inevitable meeting transpires?


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