The women of this time know of nothing but brash incivility.  Doctor Hoffman is prime example, ordering me about as if I were a wooden soldier.  That opinion isn’t worth the month-old contents of a thunder jug.  Thankfully, I may rely upon Miss Winters to respond as a woman should, with maternal trust.  Given that, it was simplicity itself to gull her into attacking Devlin on my behalf, thus protecting me, harming Devlin, and placing a convenient wedge in their betrothal.  Bully!

Later, however, the force of another woman haunted my senses: Sarah.  Her life force exerts itself more and more.  To have her back?  I can and shall do everything.




2 Comments on “306”

  1. valjazz June 10, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    “Thunder jug”. I’ve never heard or read of this term before, please explain its meaning.

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