Doctor Hoffman’s injections bring me closer and closer to humanity.  I am coming so close that I cannot  leave any of my future to chance.  This journey to Josette has been too arduous, and if only one man — one petty man — stands in my way, then I feel no compunction about eliminating him.  It is not mere happiness that lies in the balance, no.  It is the struggle of two lives and two centuries.  Is love a force to impel murder?

Is it murder when the scales are this grand, and the timetable this vast?  No.  His death is a foregone conclusion.  I am merely hastening nature’s course.  It is not murder.  It is war.  A war begun by Angelique against all goodness and happiness and joy.  His death may be a regretful one, but no more regretful than any final death before a peace treaty is forged.  Let this bring peace to my heart at last.



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