Sarah’s song now shadows my every thought and choice.  But why?  Does she wish for me to die?  Has she returned as an arbiter of vengeance, somehow blaming me for her death?

This evening, I was a desperate man, yes.  While Miss Evans was more than cordial to me, a sign that she has truly forgotten her time in my care, her mind is too sharp for my comfort.  I believe that she could rebound at any moment, thus ending everything.  Additionally, her existence also makes me a slave to the wishes of Doctor Hoffman.  As much as I regretted the choice, the death of Miss Evans was the only way to secure my liberty.

And then, as I hovered above her sleeping form, Sarah’s song filled the air.  No other thought was possible.  I stopped and pursued the sound immediately.  What does she want with me?  Was she encouraging me or chastising me?  And what tempest of decisions has found me in a place where I do such things?



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