With the escape and reappearance of Miss Evans, my sense of betrayal at Doctor Hoffman has no rival.  She affirms that she can repair the situation, however, if she cannot, my chances of escape are nonexistent.  My concern radiates outward, beyond mere selfishness.  If knowledge of what I have done becomes known to the community, the shock upon all I have come to see, strangely, as family, will be almost as intolerable.

The other day, Devlin was interrogating me about my “life in England,” asking me to name friends.  I could not.  Beyond Jeremiah, a man he so closely resembles, I’m not sure I could have in my own time.  Business partners, yes.  Family, yes.  Loves, in all modesty, yes.  But friends?  No.

No, except for Good Mr. Ben Stokes.

I won’t call my current companions friends, but they are not family in the sense that I knew it.  I am fond of them nevertheless.  Miss Evans has been harmed.  And yet, she could do even greater harm if she is not stopped.

Your mettle is being tested, Doctor Hoffman.


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