Dear Davey,

So, ten years ago right about now, you came in to the house talking of your friend Sarah, and we all disbelieved you.  For any part I played in that, I’m sorry.

You grew up in a house of liars, and so it becomes natural to start to see everyone as a liar.  Well, stop if you do.  Not everyone’s a Collins.  In life, the toughest thing a guy like you is going to experience is taking a leap of confidence to say, “I trust you.”

But if you want to get anywhere, you’ll need to.  Living any other way is no life at all.  Now, not everyone should be trusted.  Just follow your instinct.

Headline: people will betray you.  But that’s their bad karma, not yours.  If and when the occasional person (most likely a girl) puts you on the business end of a betrayal, just forgive yourself and move on.  They’ll get theirs.

But don’t let it lock up your heart.  I lived that way for far too long, and those are years I’ll never get back.  So I’m giving them to you, my friend.

Your pal,



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