It is not an easy thing, waking from a tightly-enclosed space to see a backwoods, mouth-breathing rube hovering over you.  In my condition, it could portend any number of calamities.  And Young Loomis knows all too well my penchant for a waking routine as one of leisure and a need for good news before I’ve fully acclimated to a conscious state.  I could tell at an instant that he was the courier of the worst news possible, but would not simply state it and be done with the matter.  In any event, my transition ruined, I “welcomed” news that Young Loomis was still not being vigilant enough with keeping Josette safe from disruptive visitors.  What more need I?  A cast-iron fence?  Must speak to contractor.  As for now, I await Josette’s arrival for her evening lesson.



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