I’ve spent well over two nights preparing Young Loomis, still whimpering at the thought of my instructive reprimands, to properly execute Josette’s favorite meal.  While tutoring her in Martinique, hurricane damage forced us to conduct classes in the kitchen, where I observed her cooks and their precise methods with great care.  Duck foie gras, haricot verts, and a plump Scottish lobster that almost got Young Loomis lynched by jealous fisher-men when he purchased it.

All will be well worth it!  I was hoping that Young Loomis might have some skill on the harpsichord, but his odd rhythms and chaotic melodies sounded like iron kettles filled with loose coin and anguished kittens being hurled down the stairs and certainly put the ‘cac’ in cacophony!  Very well, we have yet another goal and another opportunity to hone perfection.  Courage, Young Loomis!



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