Young Loomis has sworn to allow me to protect Miss Evans, although I’ve yet to inform him of the full scope of the threat of Angelique.  I have given him the opportunity to set the matter right, and I sincerely hope that he makes the most of it.

There seems to be an plague of canines of all varieties in town.  This is a first for Angelique, and she savors the irony — the wolf is on the crest of the family (as well as my cane) and I happen to be (or used to happen to be) horribly allergic to the drooling beasts.    They’ve retarded my speed toward helping Miss Evans and her conversion and caused no shortage of emotional suffering among many.  I’ve had to will myself to assume a canine shape on several occasions just to avoid detection.  Unfortunately, I also gained the ardor of an amorous dalmatian.

I escaped.



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