Blunder of blunders, tonight was one calamity after another… with a small raspberry at Angelique thrown in for good measure.  First, I went to check on the condition of Miss Evans (now safely moving into my care) and took no time to sense the heat in the room before I barged in unannounced.  (The deafening thunder and rain helped not a whit!)  Well, this scared the wits out of Miss Winters, Miss Evans, and yours truly, who beat a hasty escape.

Later, I went to check on Miss Winters and Miss Stoddard, I made a similar blunder.  It aided things in no way that I was pulled into waxing rhapsodically about the death of Josette.  Mid-way through, I became aware of my soliloquy and began to veer more and more into the realm of sentiment, winning the hearts of the ladies and shoring up my side of the story in case Angelique ever tries to sway them with hers.  I almost found myself in a deuce of a problem when I mentioned the bloodless body of my beloved, setting off alarms in the mind of Miss Winters, who tried to connect that to the recent population reduction.

I gained more evidence that Young Loomis has been making telephone calls and such to warn people about Miss Evans’ “great danger.”  This upsets me in every way.  It is hardly in keeping with his employer’s wishes.  It is harming Miss Evans (by putting her at risk from Angelique), and it distracts him from his actual duties.  He was supposed to be boarding up several windows to protect the interior of the OId House from the storm.  I wanted to have a civil conversation with him about the matter, but found him nowhere.  Eventually, I had to go into the house after tripping into a bird-bath he had misplaced and raise my voice to pry his attention away from the Collinsport Clippers game he was listening to on his radio box.

I need a sherry and a long sleep.





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