A splendid evening at the local tavern that now stands where the Eagle once stood.  “The Blue Whale” is its name, and is utterly charming.  Had a bracing round of drinks while getting to know, I hope, my future father-in-law. The closer this town grows to me, the more easily I may create a stalwart defense against Angelique.  A Burke Devlin was on hand.  I admire his brashness, and yet I suspect that he fancies himself to be a threat.  This is exactly the sort of person Angelique would victimize and recruit into her service.

Concerned for Miss Evans, I visited her last night.  Her dreams were truly a horror, and I did what I could to mitigate the storm within.  Once again, the mind of Josette (no matter the moniker) is a battlefield.  This time, Angelique, I shall be the victor. By all necessary means.




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