Is this Hell or is this Heaven?  I have found my Josette.

Where am I?  What shall I do?  Why is this happening?  I would lay it at the feet of Angelique, but there is no malevolence about this girl.  Her name in this place is “Margaret Evans,” and she is a tavern wench.  But as graceful and warm as Josette.  I watched her from afar until screwing up my courage and making the most graceless of chatter before concocting a scheme to see her once again; I left my cane so that she’d return it.  It was an old ruse that Jeremiah taught me in Athens many (yes, too many) years ago.  And, as it did then, it worked.

She returned to our home with none other than Nathan Forbes in tow.  (Again, more civilized.)  We were immediately smitten, Miss Evans and I.  I could tell at once that the home had meaning for her.  As she left, my gaze left with her.  I feel as if I am seeing her even now, and if I concentrate heard enough, I can sense her heat across the bay.

I have no idea the kind of charade into which I’ve awakened.  I only know that, if these loved ones (and enemies) have been created, it may be my imperative to awaken them from these false lives into which they’ve been cast.  Courage, Barnabas!




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