To say that I am filled with an unfamiliar sense of benevolence would not do justice to my spirits.  My father (about whom I have ambivalent feelings given the time he allowed me to mull over our interactions) lives and breathes and is called “Roger.”  He is also far kinder than I recalled. Millicent was there, as well.  Everyone is so gentle and welcoming here that I feel as if I am finally at rest.  Victoria Winters is similarly beguiling. It is only with the safe passage of time that I can postulate that she might have proved a worthy rival for Josette and the polar opposite of Angelique.

Young Loomis remains useful, if troubled.  His inner reserve of sustenance is waning, and so I must soon seek outside resources.  From my research, my young pupil was a delinquent menace, this I am performing a proper service by keeping him in some kind of useful employ.  However, he requires frequent canings, and these weary me.



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