Dear Davey,

Burke here.  I know these letters must seem odd to you.  After all, you’re in college by now and I’m — who knows?  But I want to give you the advice I can while I can.  You’re a champ, pal, and I want to give you what advice I can when I can.  So, lesson #1: have a good lawyer.  Lesson #2: pay them enough to hold on to letters for a decade before sending them off.

Lesson #3: a contractor isn’t worth dirt without the right tools.  Sometimes, in life, tools are people.  (And the opposite.)  But care for them, just as you’d care for anything you value.

I made a mistake today.  I used a woman.  But I fell for her, too.  Don’t make that mistake.  If people are useful, keep your distance.  If you think you can’t, love the hell out of them and don’t let anyone else use them.

Your friend in time,



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