A girl on the docks.  The kind I was schooled never to entertain.  And those who would never entertain me, save my wealth. Detestable situation.  Eyes lined with desire and desperation.  Aged beyond such entrepreneurial comportment. Ruby.  So, why her?  Why those like her?  They’re not disposable.  No more so than a minister or fisher-man.  I should have passed by.  I should have.  But she knew me.  Yes, if she spoke it would have endangered the family. I had to act in the name of the family.  Josette.  The Governess Victoria.  But before I could take action, she saw this all in my eyes and she drowned.  The water.  I could see her heat beneath it, but the waves were dizzying… nauseating. I was such a swimmer at university.  Now, just her heat dissipating into nothing.

She is no longer a concern.

The only concern is the one woman with the primitive power to destroy all.

This is eternity?

Upon my return to the crypt was precious Sarah.  And in my face she saw not me but a feral savagery I cannot measure.




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