I have no doubt that Reverend Trask would relish the credit for my (partial) conversion, but it is Reason tis carries the day, not religion.  Given all that has transpired, the existence of a witch (and I still feel quite the jackanapes writing that) does conform to Occam’s Razor quite nicely, but the Governess Winters?  Too many unanswered questions.  Strange incantations heard in the house.  Angelique lying about what room she occupied.  Trask set a roaring fire to the front door, bellowed about Satan, and then wore the mask of counterfeit astonishment when Victoria fled from the house!  Well, she fled as readily as would I under the same circumstances, but the only chicken bones you’ll find near me are the ones going from my fingers onto a plate and from the plate into the pocket of the insatiable Mr. Ben Stokes.

A witch, perhaps.  However, if it cannot be my wife and if I know that it is not Miss Winters, then who?




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