To know fear and love so tightly knit together in such a short time is to experience the totality of life.  The three women who accompany my days have shown me a bountiful generosity that I will not soon forget.  Father, adamant that he delay the wedding until the urge for it atrophies, has go so far as to disinherit me.  This, surely, would dampen Angelique’s desires.  On the contrary, it seems I’ve found the one woman in the whole of America determined to love me as a mendicant.  Josette, releasing her, showed a tender maturity that defies even the Solomonic.  However, it is Mother to whom I owe my greatest thanks, for she has deeded to me Collins Hall, now simply called “the old house,” a name that will always sound foreign to me.  I swore to her to be its master, and for her sake, I shall do all I can to earn this gift.

No, these three gifts: Angelique, Josette, and Naomi.  I am en route to fetch the minister.



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