Josette… her ambiguity as I rescued her from Trask’s “exorcism” led to an admission of ambiguity regarding her feelings for Jeremiah.  It is am ambiguity that has at last given me a modicum of that most rare of resources: hope.  We may be together again.

My sympathies go to Angelique.  Not more than a scant few hours before, she ministered to me in a manner so tender that it stirred feelings in me I’ve not felt in months.  Her touch and sight and scent, not to mention her words, comforted me, and that comfort released a strength that allowed me to confront Trask and give solace to Josette.  This, in turn, led to an sense that she is ready to countenance once again resuming our love.

Angelique, hoping for me to return with the love in my eyes intended for her, did not take to the news with any joy. I begged her to remain friends, and she acquiesced.  That shows a strength of character which moves me beyond loving.  She is an equal in mind and in purpose.




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