Nothing in this world is as I knew it scant hours ago.  While searching the woods for Josette (perhaps not gone of her own volition), I saw a man, yes, claiming to be Jeremiah.  But from his quavering, effete voice, I knew it was not he.  I hesitate to use the word apparition, but this being materialized, taunted me with a knowledge that Josette was forever gone into the arms of another, and then vanished.  There was ample moonlight and no overpowering spirits clouded my perception.  Then another voice sent me to search the road, near which I found her veil.  Proof, yes, but of what?

Had only trusty Ben Stokes been with me.

Angelique was all too ready to comfort me, her endlessly green eyes pools of sympathy.  But I would not give her the satisfaction of having me.  My love for Josette will forever be a statement of defiance against her.  If I never see Josette again, I shall see her in every act of beauty, nonetheless.





One Comment on “381”

  1. mrsgreenhands May 26, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    Poor Barnabas! I thought Angelique had blue eyes? I keep picturing her blue eyes on the cover of the book “Angelique’s Descent.”

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