I must destroy the cards.  In Martinique, their presence brought joy and insight.  Now?  Only pain.  Led to see Josette in the arms of J. Collins, I informed Andre.  Yes, we are French, but even we have some sense of limits when not dealing with domestics.  Thinking all was well, cards were read for Naomi, and the inverted lovers appeared for the first time in all of my readings.  My reliance on the cards has, perhaps, brought with them their own misfortune, for I must ask if they portend the future or are some sort of causal agent.

There is evil in this house, and I must question if I, myself, have brought it.


N. Dupres




One Comment on “376”

  1. mrsgreenhands May 26, 2013 at 10:57 pm #

    This is the episode that got me interested in the reading the cards in real life.

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